intoIT magazine is a high fashion online platform that shows ‘a collection of thoughts and projects’, founded in March 2016 by Sabrina Meijer (known from afterDRK). The site is completely photography / imagery based, focusing on a new and creative way to shed light on a world that seems to be excessively (over)exposed.

intoIT magazine is based in Amsterdam (though often travels), with contributors and readers all over the world.


With our Snapshot Series - or 'Snapshots' in short - we ask different creatives around the world (models, stylists, photographers, artists, etc.) to carry around a disposable camera for either a specific project or just a little while and share their world, work and aesthetic through literally a 'series of snapshots'.


Your work on intoIT magazine? Good news, we're always looking for contributors. If you want to see your unpublished work published - whether you're a photographer, stylist, makeup artist, illustrator, dreamer, etc. - send us an email at collab@intoit-magazine.com and we'll be sure to consider.


You can also just post a photo (of your own) on Instagram, tag @intoitmagazine, use #imintoit and - if it fits our content - you might just be featured here (with a link back to your profile of course!) as well.